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Agilent 6460

Triple Quad
Mass Spectrometer

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The Agilent 6460 Series Triple Quadrupole LC/MS systems offer greater sensitivity, productivity, and value than ever before. The new 6460 with Agilent Jet Stream thermal gradient focusing provides maximum sensitivity breaking the femtogram barrier for many compounds.

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Agilent 6490

Triple Quad LC/MS

Agilent 6890N GC Systems

The Agilent 6490 Triple Quadrupole mass spectrometer incorporates iFunnel technology
to achieve new levels of sensitivity and dynamic range for detection of target peptides in
complex matrices such as human plasma. The innovative design of the ion funnel
reduces contamination and neutral molecules thus improving overall signal and reducing
system noise.

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Robustness of the 6490 Triple Quad

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Agilent 6465 Ultivo TQ LCMS

HP 6890 Plus GC System

Ultivo is a compact, stackable triple quadrupole LC/MS/MS that eliminates the MS footprint by incorporating the mass spectrometer into the HPLC stack. Representing a transformative approach to triple quadrupole mass spectrometry, Ultivo provides the fit-for-purpose, straightforward, and rugged LC/MS analysis you expect from larger comparable systems, but at a fraction of their size.

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Nitrogen Generators

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Supply your analytical instruments with a high purity nitrogen generator.

Flow rates from a few liters/min to several M3/H and purities from 95% to 99.9995%.


Cannabis Testing

Agilent Cannabis testing Systems - Agilent Chromatography System

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Our Cannabis Testing Professionals can provide you with:

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  • State requirement overviews
  • Equipment information, training and support
  • Custom solutions for your business!


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Find all of the Agilent and HP gas chromatography equipment you need for your business to operate smoothly and effectively here at Analytical Instrument Management. The Agilent chromatography systems we have for sale provide ultimate performance and lasting durability for all applications. All of our cutting-edge Agilent chromatography systems are rebuilt with top-quality reconditioned materials and can be customized to your exact requirements. View all of the options available directly through our online catalog. For more information or to request a quote on these HP and Agilent chromatographs, feel free to contact at 888-909-0468 or email