Hewlett Packard 5972 GC/MS

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Refurbished HP Diffusion Pump GC/MS System

Hewlett Packard 5972 GCMS System

Hewlett Packard - Model 5972 Diffusion Pump Mass Selective Detector
Hewlett Packard - Model 5890 Series II Gas Chromatograph Mainframe
Hewlett Packard- Split/Splitless inlet with Electronic Pressure Control

Refurbished Hewlett Packard 5972 GC/MS Systems are offered with optional:

Hewlett Packard - 5890 Autosampler Mounting Bracket for a 7673B Autosampler
Hewlett Packard - Model 7673B Autosampler Control Module
Single Hewlett Packard - Model 7673B Autosampler Injector
Hewlett Packard - 7673C Tray (18596B)

Systems can also be configured to connect with a Purge and Trap Concentrator for Volatile Organic Compound Analysis

HP 5972 GCMS Systems will also include the following Chemstation Data System:

Computer - Intel Pentium Dual-core 3 MB Cache G20303 GHz Processor, 24X DVD Burner, SATA Dual WD Caviar Blue 500GB Internal SATA Hard Drive, 2GBRAM - Brand New
Agilent - 82350 PCI HPIB Card
Microsoft - Windows 2000 License
Agilent Technologies - G1701BA ChemStation
Monitor - 19 inch Flat Panel Display 1280 x 1024 (NEW)

Other options are available upon request including: additional injection ports, detectors and autosampler configurations.

Our website is intended to be a catalog of system configurations based on our common inventory items. We can custom configure any system to meet your specific requirements.

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Click on the links below to download manuals and other information for the HP 5972 and 5890 GC

HP 5972 Site Preparation Specification

HP 5890 Operating Manual

HP 5890 Service Manual

HP 5890 Site Preparation Manual

HP 7673 Autosampler Manual