Hewlett Packard and Agilent Chromatography System

Refurbishment Process

Step 1

  1. Upon arrival to the AIM warehouse, the system is completely disassembled down to the frame. This is true for all GC, LC and GC/MS Systems and accessories.

Step 2

Used Agilent GCMS 5973
  1. All parts are thoroughly cleaned, inside and out.  Electronics are carefully dusted with dry compressed gas, all of the system covers are scrubbed, soaked and dried. This includes cleaning of the MS analyzer can and source.

Step 3

  1. When a client orders a system, all required components are gathered together and assessed for completeness. New parts are added where needed. For GC/MS systems this always includes a new Repeller, new electron multipliers, new filaments, new vacuum hose and new Edwards rough pump oil.

Step 4

  1. The system is completely reassembled from the ground up, using new or refurbished components.  All consumables are replaced with new parts.

Step 5

  1. For orders including data systems, computers are custom assembled and configured to ensure hardware and software compatibility with the analytical equipment and software.

Step 6

  1. Each system is rigorously quality tested to ensure that performance meets or exceeds all original manufacturer specifications.