Agilent and Hewlett Packard Gas Chromatography

Agilent 7890 GC Systems

Agilent 7890 GC Systems, refurbished agilent chromatography

The Agilent 7890 is a cutting edge gas chromatograph that provides maximum performance for all applications. The 7890 GC is able to achieve this performance with the use of newly designed electronic pressure control (EPC) pneumatics and a boosted performance to the GC oven temperature control. The new additions to the 7890 GC assist in optimizing chromatography, peak symmetry and repeatability.

Agilent 6890N GC Systems

Agilent 6890N GC Systems

The 6890N "Network" GC has kept the same reliable reatures and options as the 6890A Plus with newly added LAN Network communication. Just like the 6890A Plus, the 6890N Series gas chromatograph has several detector options available.

HP 6890A and Plus GC Systems

HP 6890 Plus GC System

The 6890 GC reaches the peak of all the analytical development and engineering that was achieved from every Hewlett Packard Gas Chromatograph product line up through the 5890E Series II Plus. The addition of an innovative Electronic Pressure Control (EPC) technology was  introduced, along with EPC options for auxiliary gases. innovative new injection port and detector designs give operation and efficiency enhancements over prior 5890 capabilities, while allowing for easy diagnostics and trouble shooting.

HP 5890 GC Systems

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The 5890 is more than a just a highlight in Chromatography history - it is an extremely productive and exceedingly reliable supplement to your laboratories arsenal. A refurbished 5890 Gas Chromatograph system may just be the answer to your GC needs.


Options and Accessories

HP 7673B, rebuilt agilent gas chromatography

HP 7673 A,B & C Liquid Autosamplers

7683 liquid autosamplers

Purge and Trap Systems

Other Options and accessories

AIM provides chromatography sample introduction options that are completely refurbished, tested and include a Warranty.

Bio Diesel GC Systems

HP 5890 GC for Bio Diesel chromatography

Our Biodiesel package has everything to get your company started.

AIM provides chromatography sample introduction options that are completely refurbished, tested and include a Warranty.

Medical Marijuana Testing

5890 Series II

Turn key Medical Marijuana Testing Systems that are simple to use for the analysis of delta-9 THC content and the primary cannabinoids, CBD and CBN. You will be able to certify the potency of the marijuana perscribed to your patients.


HP 5890 GC Parts

HP 5890 Series II GC Parts

GC Main Boards, Injection Ports, Detectors, Electrometer Boards, Communication Boards etc..

For parts request please send an email to

Agilent GC, MSD and HPLC Resource Center

HP Agilent User Guides, agilent GC manuals

Links to instrument manuals and other valuable chromatography resources

Find all of the Agilent and HP gas chromatography equipment you need for your business to operate smoothly and effectively here at Analytical Instrument Management. These Hewlett Packard and Agilent gas chromatographs we have for sale provide ultimate performance and lasting durability for all applications. All of our cutting-edge Agilent and HP gas chromatography is made of top-quality reconditioned materials and can be customized to your exact requirements. View all of the options available directly through our online catalog. For more information or to request a quote on these HP and Agilent gas chromatographs, feel free to contact at 888-909-0468.