HP 5890 GC Systems

Custom Built Reconditioned HP 5890 GC

Hewlett Packard 5890 Gc, Refurbished Hewlett Packard - HP 5890 GC  

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Analytical Instrument Management is proud to provide you with refurbished Agilent and HP gas chromatograph models to improve your laboratory’s operations. We offer many different models in stock listed below that can all be custom configured to your exact requirements. All of our HP 5890 gas chromatographs are thoroughly tested to guarantee top quality, performance and reliability. This HP 5890 GC system is highly productive, providing you with smooth and effective daily operations in your laboratory. To learn more information or any other questions you may have about the HP 5890 GC, feel free to contact us directly at 888-909-0468. The HP 5890 gas chromatograph may be the answer to your GC needs!

AIM provides Refurbished Hewlett Packard and Agilent Technologies Gas Chromatograph (GC) models 5890A, 5890 Series II, 6890, 6890 Plus. 6890N and 7890.

Laboratories around the world define the HP 5890 GC as the unconditional standard for Gas Chromatography. From the original production of the 5890A to the ground breaking introduction of Electronic Pressure Control for the 5890-II, HP's superior manufacturing and design has set the highest standards for Gas Chromatography.

The 5890 is more than a just a highlight in Chromatography history - it is an extremely productive and exceedingly reliable supplement to your laboratories arsenal. A refurbished 5890 Gas Chromatograph system may just be the answer to your GC needs.

All of our GC's are custom configured to meet your requirements. We provide GC mainframes, detectors (FID, NPD, ECD, ELCD, PID, TCD, FPD and MSD), injection ports (split-splitless, packed, purged-packed, on-column), accessories (cryogenic cooling, electronic pressure control), communication options (RS-232, HPIB, INET), data systems (ChemStation) and autosamplers (7673 A, 7673 B, Leap CTC).

Refurbished Hewlett Packard 5890 Options

Refurbished HP 5890 GC Inlets

19243F Packed Inlet
19251A Split/Splitless Inlet
19245B Temperature Prog. On-Column Inlet
19243E Packed Inlet w/EPC (Series-II w/#039 only)
19251D Split/Splitless Inlet w/EPC (Series-II w/19230W Six Channel EPC Option)
19245C Temp Prog. On-Column Inlet w/EPC (Series-II w/19230W Six Channel EPC Option)

Refurbished HP 5890 GC Detectors

19231E Flame Ionization Detector
19232B Thermal Conductivity Detector
19233B Electron Capture Detector (Series-I type)
G1223A Electron Capture Detector (Series-II type)
19256D Flame Photometric Detector
19234B Nitrogen Phosphorous Detector
19261A Analog Input PCA

Refurbished HP 5890 GC Communications

#550 19242A INET Communications
#552 19242B Dual Channel INET Communications
#560 19254A RS-232 Communications
#570 G1211A INET Communications w/82169A Converter
#580 19257A HP-IB Communications


Refurbished HP 5890 GC Flow and Pressure Control

#038 19237A Two Channels of Electronic Flow Sensing
#039 19230W Six Channel EPC Option
#043 19246S General Purpose EPC Module
#L43 19246A Set of Three Mini-Regulators /internal


Refurbished HP 5890 GC Cryogenic Oven Control

19239A CO 2 Cryo Control
19239B N 2 Cryo Control

Refurbished HP 5890 GC Valve Options

18900F Heated Valve Oven
Automation 1-valve
Automation 2-valves
Automation 3-valves
Automation 4-valves
6-port Valve
10-port Valve
Custom Plumbed
Liquid Sampling Valve, 0.2uL, 1000psi, 75C
Liquid Sampling Valve, 0.5uL, 1000psi, 75C
Liquid Sampling Valve, 1.0uL, 1000psi, 75C
Liquid Sampling Valve, 0.5uL, 5000psi, ambient


All equipment listed in this category is bench tested and comes with a warranty.